JULBO REACTIV Photochromic

reactiv-cropDesigned for dedicated athletes on all types of terrain in all weathers, JULBO REACTIV photochromic technology immediately adapts lenses to the prevailing light conditions for ultra-accurate vision, whatever the weather.

More than 10 years of development and experimentation in the most demanding sports make REACTIV lenses the best photochromic reference on the market.

Manufactured using casting technology, they benefit from photochromic treatment throughout the body of the lens and come with a lifetime warranty.

They offer outstanding performance in all technical criteria: reactivity speed, photochromic range, lens colour, efficiency of the polarising filter and special coatings to meet specific needs.

REACTIV market-leading technology has resulted in 5 lenses adapted to different sports, and they can also be used in Rx Trem prescription sunglasses.

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