Group Vision & Core Values

Lenstec Optical Group are committed to setting the benchmark in training and performance through our culture. We proudly hold Investor In People accreditation and have engaged in developing our staff through the new Sixth Generation Standard. Lenstec Optical Group values the engagement and involvement of all our employee’s by investing in and developing our people. This investment is a key requirement to improve our service, quality and delivery of products to meet our customer needs.

Our core values ‘RESPECT’ have been developed by our staff and are the heartbeat of our organization.

Respecting our customers, colleagues and working environment

Excellence in aiming to deliver high quality and excellence to our customers in everything we do, adhering to our established quality procedures at all times

Success – striving for success, producing great products and having the best reputation

Professionalism by behaving in a professional and responsible manner within and whenever representing the company

Expertise by being part of a skillful, knowledgeable and well trained workforce across all areas of the business

Communication by aiming to improve internal and external communication and the sharing of information

Teamwork by working together, supporting one another, making our work environments enjoyable as possible.

As a forward-thinking company, it is a conscious decision on our part to invest heavily in the latest equipment, technology and staff training. These continual investments ensure we can meet the challenges ahead in the independent sector, exceeding your expectations and guaranteeing our continued success.

Our ongoing relationship with the very best, industry-respected suppliers put us in a great position and enables us to supply you our customers with the highest quality products and excellent service on the market today.

We consistently work on these core principles to meet your needs and the needs of your patients.

The Lenstec Optical Group would like to be the preferred and first choice for spectacle production and supply to the optician.


Future and Vision