Younger Optics Europe launches NuPolar® Infinite Grey™ ophthalmic lenses.


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A new generation of prescription sun-wear products.

Combining the award-winning NuPolar polarisation technology with state-of-the art photochromic, NuPolar Infinite Grey addresses a very important aspect of adaptability of ophthalmic lens users to corrective sun lenses.

NuPolar® Infinite Grey™ offers the widest possible range of light transmittance while maintaining 99% polarisation efficiency, therefore not compromising the blocking of blinding glare.

infinite-grey_transmittance-wheel-illustrationThe most common complaint from ophthalmic lens users is that their lenses are either too light or too dark typically at the wrong times. The users of corrective eyewear have radically different approach to sunglasses than people without eye correction requirement. The lens adaptability and performance is much more important for Rx patients. They do not have an option to simply remove the sunglasses when lighting conditions change. They can only replace one pair of corrective eyewear with another. That is why it is extremely important to offer them the lens which will be comfortable for most of Rx patients in most of the situation.

Lightest state – 35% Transmittance      Darkest State – 9% Transmittance

NuPolar Infinite Grey will be available in 1.50 index semi-finished lens blanks in eight base curves offering us the opportunity to supply a wide selection of free form progressive and single vision lenses.

NuPolar® Infinite Grey® is available immediately across most Lenstec lens types

Download the Infinite Grey Brochure Here