Tant Laboratories announces £250,000 investment

Tant Laboratories, part of the Lenstec Optical Group, has announced a further investment of £250,000 and has installed a new industrial lens edger, the MEI Bisphera-XDD, with a lens vision and inspection TBA Unit.

The industrial edger is said by the Hertfordshire company to be ‘the most productive machine on the market today, giving a high level of precision every time it is used.

Tant Laboratories general manager, Neil McFarlane, said: “We cannot believe the first-time accuracy and fantastic results this asset gives us and how much difference it makes to our production.”

The TBA Unit is designed to save money and time as it means an ‘incredibly smooth production process through the laboratory’.

The vision system is able to orientate and load any kind of lenses in the edging chamber, according to its optical parameters. With the new technology, the company is aiming to increase further the accuracy of its jobs and speed up delivery to its customers.

Edo Tortolato, sales and marketing manager of MEI S.r.l, the Italian company which developed the machinery, said: “It's fantastic to be working with the Tant Labs’ production team and seeing the increased quality and output since the installation.”