SEIKO Optical UK support SPECS Network launch for Independent Opticians

On Monday 9th July 2012 SPECS Network (Specialist Provider of Eye Care Solutions) a new and unique web portal will be launched, helping independent opticians promote themselves to the public. With over 280 practices already on board we’re sure you’ll want to be involved too!

Lenstec and Tant are proud of their SEIKO Specialist Lab status and we would encourage any independent optician to become a SEIKO Lens Specialist. Being accredited with SEIKO Lens Specialist status makes a statement about your practice and helps you stand out on the High Street.

Our Sales Team would be happy to help you get involved in the great SEIKO initiative, and in addition, you can take advantage of the benefits that SPECS Network can provide and be seen by more potential customers.

For more details on how to get involved please call –

Martin Burroughs 07860 840567 or Matt Maguire 07914 857464

To read the full SPECS Network Press Release please follow the link