Pennine4U is an ‘Always Available’ frame collection at extremely competitive prices.

P4U 2This specially designed range is aimed at the voucher customer but doesn’t lack the great quality and style which Pennine Optical offer throughout all their frame collections.

P4U also comes with our 2 year frame guarantee offering you peace of mind when dispensing.

The Pennine4U range covers most age groups and is appealing to kids, teens, female and male wearers.

Some models are made from TR90 material, which is an incredible material used to create the most comfortable fit. This thermoplastic material is remarkably lightweight, strong and flexible.

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The complete range is available across our nationwide Lab Network and EXCLUSIVE to Lenstec Optical Group.Pennine Cat image


Our All-In-One Frame and Lens Package concept offers fantastic lens choices with a fast and efficient glazed service.

Just simply stock the collection and re-order from the display time and time again.


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