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Younger Optics® are the largest privately owned lens caster in the world.

#1 in NuPolar® polarised prescription lens sales worldwide

#2 in Transitions® sales worldwide

#2 in Trivex® sales worldwide with Trilogy®

Because Younger are privately owned we are able to forge some unique and exclusive partnerships:

Transitions DriveWear® (1.5 & Poly) Transitions Trilogy DriveWear® Transitions D28 Poly composite, Transitions D28 High adds

We offer the widest range of Transitions products of any supplier

All NuPolar® and Younger Transitions® products are supplied with certificates of Authenticity

NuPolar® is available in 1.5, Trilogy, Poly, 1.6 & 1.67 in Brown, Grey & Green, Bifocal, Trifocals and Progressives – both digital and conventional

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