A Shamir Affiliate Plus Laboratory – few labs in the UK have this accreditation so Lenstec Optical Group are very proud to have achieved it.

We work hard to maintain our strong and growing relationship with Shamir UK Ltd – the UK subsidiary of Shamir Optical Industry Ltd, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses and moulds. Famous for its innovation, technological sophistication and rigorous quality assurance practices, Shamir has snowballed into a global enterprise with a competitive edge.

Shamir intends to progressively improve the vision of spectacle wearers. Working together with leading scientists and researchers, we can always count on Shamir to offer new solutions within its ever-expanding field of vision.

Their Freeform lenses are made using digital CNC machinery to cut the lens design and the patient’s prescription on the back surface. Software optimises the combination of design and prescription, resulting in a lens that is superior to a traditional design.

Shamir’s Freeform Progressive, Single Vision and Occupational Lenses are all available from the Lenstec Optical Group along with all their other lens products.

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