Seiko Optical

Continuous commitment to professional customer service has reinforced the long established partnership between SEIKO Optical UK and Lenstec. The relationship has been further enhanced by the Lenstec’s appointment as an Approved SEIKO Lens Specialist Laboratory, helping to expand the network of SEIKO Lens Specialists to independent practices throughout the UK.

Consumers associate the SEIKO brand with innovation, technology and style; precisely the principles adopted by many forward thinking opticians today. As a SEIKO Lens Specialist, an Independent practice is making a clear statement of its premium positioning in the market place. Supported by SEIKO branded merchandising materials, practices can confidently offer quality product differentiation in the High Street.

Brand association only forms part of the complex emotional and intellectual input that drives decision making. SEIKO Optical UK promotes the sharing of well articulated technical information to support appropriate lens options.

A true innovator of lens design, SEIKO has an impressive portfolio, inspired by quality and technology to promote natural vision. All SEIKO branded lenses are supported by a two-year coating guarantee against defects, and peace of mind is a given with our non-tolerance guarantee for progressive lenses.

Lenstec has a wealth of experience in providing the full range of SEIKO products, using the latest robotic processing equipment. This is further backed up by Lenstec Optician’s Charter.

Please take a moment to visit the SEIKO optical website and browse through the information we have provided to accompany our extensive range of products and services.

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