Essilor Ltd has worked closely with Lenstec for many years and through their proven excellence has awarded Lenstec with Varilux Specialist Laboratory status.

In June 2010 the laboratory status was further enhanced with recognition as Partner Plus Laboratory. This enhances the Essilor products on offer with traditional surfacing in house. Our status and commitment means a true partnership that will see further enhanced products like Eyecode being offered.

Essilor lenses offer the very best solution in terms of quality, innovation, patient satisfaction and performance. We work hard to ensure that your patients enjoy the best possible vision by matching these top quality lenses with superb glazing.

The Essilor portfolio consists of an impressive range of leading brands including Varilux. Other leading brands include Essilor Transitions, XTRActive, Airwear and Xperio.

Through our partnership with Lenstec you have access to all Essilor lenses, including the latest Varilux designs such as Varilux S 4D, S Design, E 2 and Varilux E Design. All Varilux lenses come with a non tolerance guarantee, and Essilor are leading the way by offering a two-year guarantee against scratching on all Crizal Forte lenses.

Lenstec regularly promote Essilor lenses through promotions and special offers.

We hope that you will take the time to visit the Essilor website and browse through the information we have provided on our extensive range of products.

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