Varilux Comfort becomes Varilux Comfort New Addition

From 1 June 2011, Essilor will be replacing Varilux Comfort to the new improved design Varilux Comfort New Addition. The Comfort New Addition is digitally surfaced. It offers the current advantages of Varilux Comfort (easy to prescribe and to adapt to, providing immediate visual comfort to the wearer). Additionally, it offers wider fields of vision and a softer design. The lens also has flatter base curves and is more aesthetic and thinner.

Lenstec will be offering a free upgrade to Varilux Comfort New Addition at no extra cost. Just simply order Varilux Comfort and your order will automatically be upgraded to the new digital format.

Also for your information, Varilux Comfort New Addition Short will be launched in October, replacing Varilux Ellipse and Varilux Advans. Lenstec will also upgrade these formats at no extra charge as they become available.

The Digital era has arrived and latest designs can be obtained from Lenstec Optical Laboratories further supporting our commitment to offering advanced technical surfacing technology and progress in the industry.