In 2017, Julbo will continue to boldly assert its status as a leading outdoor eyewear brand. For this new collection, the sun range of the Jura company has been expanded with 11 models. With a long-standing reputation for its glacier sunglasses, Julbo is updating its «Mountain» offer with both Explorer 2.0, the brand’s technical trail blazer, and Tamang designed for novices keen to protect their eyes at altitude.

Three new models have been added to the «Speed» collection designed for active outdoor sports such as mountain biking and trail running: Zephyr, a suspended lens frame for fans of long-distance running, Armor for Enduro mountain bikers and Aerolite, a variant of the Aero created for small faces and especially suitable for women trail runners.

For customers looking for sunglasses perfect for everyday use, Julbo is expanding the «Travel» offer with two new models in the «Latitude» collection: Syracuse and Valparaiso, both designed for smaller faces.

Last but not least, Julbo is also synonymous with sunglasses for kids. For 2017, as well as the Extend 2.0 with a more modern eyeshape, Julbo is launching three models for children aged 3 to 6: Puzzle, Lily and Luky – small wraparound sunglasses offering great coverage and a super-soft feel. With a comprehensive range of new models for every type of wearer, the eyes definitely have it!

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