LENSTEC and TANT launch NEW DESIGN for the Success Advanced II

We are delighted to offer you our latest, premium designed lens with the highest level of optical accuracy of 0.01D.

SUCCESS ADVANCED II – Advanced Personalised Optics from our own fantastic Digital Freeform Lens!
SUCCESS ADVANCED II Short has a MFH of 13mm SUCCESS ADVANCED II Standard has a MFH of 17mm

• New Design Fitting Cross 4mm above datum • Even greater range of materials

• NOW available in 1.74
• NEW Polarised, Drivewear, Trivex & Polycarbonate

• All Tints available in 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67 Index • Prism available to 4 Dioptre

Both Standard & Short designs are available in a wide range of materials so we’re confident you’ll find a lens to suit anyone looking for a Quick and Easy adaption to progressive lenses.

You’ll be pleased to know we’re still offering our popular and well proven conventional own brand progressive lens SUCCESS in two corridor lengths in 1.5 index.

SUCCESS Standard
is now available with a MFH of 20mm and SUCCESS Short is now available with a MFH of 15mm.

For SUCCESS ADVANCED II Lens Trials please call
Martin Burroughs on 07860 840567 or email MBurroughs@lenstec.co.uk,
or Matthew Maguire on 07914 857464 or email MMaguire@lenstec.co.uk