JULBO Aerospace Testing

sdsdaero At Lenstec we take our product testing very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure all our products are good enough  for you and your patients. Last month our Assistant Quality Manager, Chris, selflessly went snowboarding in Switzerland to test the JULBO AEROSPACE goggle for himself you.

For 6 days he used the goggles in the full range of conditions you’re likely to find on the mountain - both high and low light levels, and good and very poor visibility.

Here's what he had to say...

“The main thing I noticed about this product were how lightweight and comfortable they were in comparison to other goggles I’ve tried.” says Chris. “Previously I’ve preferred riding in sunglasses but these goggles completely changed my view on that.

The Julbo SuperFlow ventilation system was excellent! And easy to click on and off even with my gloves on. They didn’t steam up once, even when I was wrapped up with a balaclava and scarf, and there was never any dampness inside the goggles, on my face or the pads.


Colour contrast was clearly enhance with the orange tint of the Snow Tiger photochromic lenses. They were great in both low light and low visibility as well as reducing glare when it was sunny.


The comfort and the overall versatility in all conditions were the 2 key features for me. They are the first goggles I’ve worn where I want to keep them on for the whole day, even in lifts and when sitting out for lunch.”

Sounds like the product test went well!

I also know he recommended them to everyone he bumped into – although I’m sure he didn’t have too many bumps!

Now I need to find someone to try out the Julbo sunglasses…