Rawdon Optical

Management Team

Reporting to the board are a knowledgeable, well trained management team with long standing experience within their fields.

Here are some of the team:

Scott Pearson – General Manager

Scott started at Rawdon in 1995 as a machine operator and learnt about ophthalmic production before quickly progressing into system development and administration. While working with and alongside experienced lab and scientific professionals he has been able to pick up knowledge in all sectors and so able to adapt his skills to cover many business areas and requests within a busy laboratory. He’s become highly skilled in Freeform technology and his role today is to pursue the technological revolution to ensure Rawdon keeps up to date with further advances, as well as give technical advice to customers. Scott now take the business forward to develop systems and Digital products to keep up with demand and technology.



Nick Padget – Glazing Manager

Nick started employment at Rawdon in 1984 and has witnessed many changes in technology and fashions over the last 4 decades and enjoys keeping up to date with current demands and technological advances. Nick now heads up the Rawdon Glazing Department and strives to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Peter Thompson – Surfacing Production Manager

Through hard work and dedication since 2000, Peter now runs Rawdon’s busy Digital Surfacing Production. He oversees work flow, control maintenance, calibration of the digital surfacing machines and quality of the lenses produced in his department.


Becki Pearson – Customer Care Manager

Becki started at Rawdon in 2003 as a junior office assistant and has gained a wealth of knowledge in all areas over these years. Becki now heads up a six strong team with a commitment to driving excellence and quality of service for all Rawdon and Lenstec Optical Group customers.