Opticians Charter

Extending the Partnership

Together Lenstec, Tant and Rawdon Optical Laboratories deliver a consistently strong partnership with independent practitioners and work closely with all manufacturers and optical brands. Together we can offer the Independent Optician the benefits of a leading Independent Optical Lab.

Our independence ensures that we can offer the widest selection of products from all major manufacturers, coupled with consistently high levels in quality and service. We invest in the latest technology, IT systems and state of the art machinery.

We monitor and train our staff to the highest level. These continual investments ensure we can meet the challenges ahead in the independent sector, fulfil your expectation and guarantee our continued success.


We consistently deliver a strong partnership and in doing so have developed the Opticians Charter. We consistently work to these core principles to meet your needs and the needs of your patients.

The four main areas of the charter are Product Range, Quality Standards, Dependable Supply and Personal Service.

Product Range

We pride ourselves on our product portfolio and we’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for high quality products with our customers.

We work with all the major lens brands but are particularly proud of our relationships with Essilor, Shamir, SEIKO Optical UK as well as working hard to develop our own brand lens options and services.

We have gained an excellent reputation for glazing all rimless mounts and specialise in Lindberg Rimless, 8 Base Sports and Lifestyle Eyewear.

In 2016 Lenstec Optical Group installed the latest MEI milling technology at our Lenstec laboratory in addition to the pre-existing plant at Tant Labs. The MEI 641 delivers on all levels, offering the most accurate CAD design and lens milling process in the world – ideal for Sports Wraps and the latest cutting edge rimless designs from the world’s leading frame designers.

We have also invested in the latest Nidek SE 1 Robotic Edging Systems which has allowed the company to further increase the accuracy of finish as well as productivity further enhancing; accuracy, quality and speed to our customers.

Rawdon optical have the very latest in digital surfacing technology as well as the experience to get the very best from this exciting and industry changing manufacturing platform. Creating our own label digital progressive designs as well supplying a whole new bundle of digital progressive lens solutions for dispensing problems including a 100m effective diameter Progressive lens, High Add and Prism Control, Sports and Occupational options. The lens designs are worked across a whole range of indices and lens materials including; Trivex, NuPolar, DriveWear, Transitions, UV++ supplied in the very best Mono and Multifocal digital designs.

We are exclusive Julbo distributors for the UK and can now offer high-end technical solutions, for sports and active use, to you and your customers. This plano and prescription service further grows Lenstec’s sports eyewear and full Rx offering in the market.

Lenstec have the exclusive distribution of VerSport for the UK and Eire and have coupled this fantastic product with a full Rx program using polycarbonate and trivex impact protective, corrective lenses.

Dependable Service

We pride ourselves on our ‘LEAN’ manufacturing techniques and providing consistent delivery times throughout the labs.

This, along with our ‘first time correct’ approach to quality ensues we consistently perform within the quoted delivery times below:

  • Single Vision within 24 – 48 hrs
  • Bifocals/Progressives (uncoated and hard coated) 3 – 5 days
  • Unbranded Multicoated products 6 – 9 days
  • Branded products Seiko/Essilor/Nikon etc. 7 – 12 days


Opticians Charter


Quality Standards

Lenstec, Tant and Rawdon work to the recognised International standard for Ophthalmic Optics-Mounted Spectacle Lenses ISO 21987:2017. Optical NVQs, SMC tech training and Investors In People are also supported widely within the companies to provide high level, up to date training for all staff. With our promise for continual investment in the latest machinery and staff training we can ensure all quality processes are exceeded throughout the labs – and continue to boast our 99% first time correct rate. The company has met the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive BS EN ISO 13485:2016. To meet these requirements we undergo internal audits throughout the year, and each year we are also audited externally by a certified body, the external audits are then scrutinised by UKAS to ensure we meet all requirements of BS EN ISO13485:2016.

Personal Service

Our Customer Care Teams have great experience in dealing with all aspects of care and advice.

Easy access to key members of staff is paramount to our success and a regular visit from a company director ensures we listen to your needs at all times. The Managing Director, Financial Director and Sales Director are easily contactable to discuss any matter with you. A ‘no-quibble’ personal guarantee on all our products is core to our long-term relationship with you and your patients.